Adding Luxury to Your Kitchen

If you are considering remolding your bathroom or kitchen, whether the reason is that you want to spruce up your home or if you are just getting your home ready for sale, you might want to think about using subway tile. These types of tiles are becoming very popular and for good reason. Subway glass tiles can give your space a modern or classic look depending on how they are used and the colors you pick. You can also go with a blended glass mosaic tile pattern and give your kitchen, bathroom, or backsplash a textured look.

Back in the early 1930’s ceramic subway tiles were brick kitchen backsplash very popular and are still popular today. The main reason for their popularity is the that they are very cheap when compared to other tiles. There is a down side to ceramics though and that is that they degrade from water and can chip and become very brittle over time. Removing ceramic tiles can be very tough as well because they crack and break apart with parts of the ceramic tile still stuck to the wall intertwined with the adhesive used. Glass tiles are also now being made with recycled glass making them very friendly to the environment and a great choice if you are eco conscious.

There are some things you will want to consider if you are looking into getting glass subway tiles. Make sure that the tiles are at least 8mm thick as this makes them more durable and gives them a greater depth of color. You’ll also want to make sure the tiles you are getting have not been painted but rather fired to give them their color. The painted tiles can be damaged by water where the fire cured tiles should be able to be used in wet areas such as showers and pools. You can find glass subway tiles in many different shapes, but the most popular is the 3 inch by 6 inch tiles, this will give you 8 tiles per square foot and a very pleasing density of tiles to the eye.

You can arrange your subway tiles in many different patters, though the there are two very popular ways to do it. There is the staggered pattern when the tiles are arranged resembling a brick wall. The other popular way to orient your subway tiles is in a linear fashion where the tiles match up to the tiles below and above each other. The linear style appeals to those who like things very orderly and very clean straight lines.

With the popularity of glass tiles these days, the variety of the different colors is getting very large and you can typically find any color you are looking for to match the project you have in mind. Furthermore you can even get your grout in different colors and do things such as white glass subway tile and black grout. This will make your space ever more unique.


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