Automatic shipping guide: move / transport your car during relocation

Automatic shipping

One of the biggest challenges when moving is car transportation. It’s not easy to leave your trusted car, and the challenge becomes bigger when the car in question is a special collector or car. In this guide you will find some tips to consider before sending your car Cross or abroad.


The first thing to consider is the time of your displacement. Please wait 4-6 weeks in the previous week if you want to have your car waiting for you when you reach your destination.


We strongly recommend that you insure Long Island NY Car Shippers your car before remotely or overseas shipping. When the sender will automatically arrive to take your car, you have to sign the bill of lading where all the damage to the car will be clearly marked. A car survey will also be carried out on arrival to the destination to assess all damage incurred during transit.

Personal goods

Make sure the car is emptied of all personal effects before loading into the car carrier. Your car shipping company will not be responsible for personal belongings left in the car.


Make sure that if you or the authorities are not available to accept your car, that it will be stored in a safe storage facility where you will be able to take it at a more convenient time. This can be subject to additional fees.

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