Etiquette of a funeral

Every religion has its own set of culture and traditions to follow in every ceremony. In Catholic funeral visitation in mass etiquettes, the mood is formal and sombre. As all Catholic funerals are not exactly the same there are some differences here and there. The final point is that your loved one should be respected and not go against Catholic teaching. So it is common to see some difference in them.

How to act?

Like any other funeral Catholic funeral is a sombre occasion and attendees should be quiet and respectful.

When you arrive at the wake or funeral the mourners may be outside greeting their well-wishers so it is appropriate to express your grievance outside before you head inside. Once you are inside, find a seat and wait quietly until the service begins.

It would be better if you don’t record or make any noise during the service. Make sure your phone is on silent so to avoid attracting any attention. Keep listening to the head priest.

Dress code

The mourner’s family wear dark colour attire like a dress and suit. Avoid wearing any blue jeans or sneakers that attract any attention. Wear something formal and dark to the funeral.

It is practical to wear a suit in a jacket during a winter funeral but in summer you can skip the suit jacket if some portion of services is held outside. In case of rain keep a dark-coloured umbrella in your vehicle. If there is too much sun, bring a modest pair of sunglasses. Men should avoid casual clothing like jeans, sneakers or baseball caps during the funeral.

Women should wear simple black dresses of appropriate length along with tights and pretty modest shoes. A  skirt of knee length with a modest blouse can also be a good choice. In some places, the cap is allowed with open-toed shoes during summer but for safety, purposes wear closed-toed pumps or flats.


The funeral mood is obviously serious. In Catholic funerals the most important task is to reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus, resurrection in the justification given to his death provides a greater good meaning for life. Make sure to act and dress appropriately to stay low in the process. Apart this, the best Christian funeral services in Singapore also have a different set of etiquettes to follow for a respectful departure to the afterlife.

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