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Quality Medical Care In Baja California

The EMTs raced me into the emergency and I was treated immediately even before they had my name. They never asked if I had insurance. Stabilized by the personnel on duty, an orthopedic surgeon came in to talk with me speaking fairly good English. I was immediately taken to a private room on the second floor with an expanse of windows having a view of the open blue sky. All the medical personnel spoke Spanish. My Spanish is limited, but we got along very well. An IV was administered instantly. The doctor suggested a course of action to discover what was causing the pain, which would include X-rays and later an MRI. All of this was administered before a friend arrived to handle the details of money for the care.

The hospital was immaculate, although you could tell its age. Everyone who came into my room was kind and took time and special care with their duties, even the man whistling as he mopped the floors twice daily. Here is where the doctors of Mexico shine. Time is experienced differently in 少女針 Mexico. In translation from Spanish, one “makes” time. While in the US, people think in terms of “spending” time as if currency. My specialist made time for me. He visited twice daily and was never hurried. The sense that he cared for my condition was evident. Even now since I have returned home, I am in contact with him by email. The private room was $100 a day. The Orthopedic specialist, X-rays, MRI, a spinal injection, IVs, and emergency room charges for a four day stay came to a total cost of just under two thousand dollars.

After years of experience living in Baja there is a peace that has returned after the real estate bubble burst. The quality of this peace is hard to find anywhere. Foreign travelers are returning to enjoy a truly precious experience of a beautiful land where money exchange can stretch a budget. It is perfect for retirement. After my direct experiences, I do not hesitate to recommend Baja’s medical system. Below is a little information to get started when considering living and traveling in Northern Baja.

Cruz Roja is a free ambulance service that is covered by the toll road charges. The paid toll ticket acts as an insurance and ambulances are stationed at each toll booth from Tijuana to Ensenada. By calling 066, you are immediately connected to emergency help. Having a little medical Spanish is a good idea. Should there be a home emergency, calling the Cruz Roja ambulance is a free service. They will take you to a local Cruz Roja clinic or hospital, or will transport you back to the border for a transfer to U.S. facilities. There is very inexpensive medical insurance that will cover basic care and many other policies to address special needs.